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The flat is within 1 minute walk to Galata Tower.

More about Galata & Galata Tower

Where to Stay in Istanbul?

  • “Should I stay in Galata or Sultanahmet?”
    The Galata neighbourhood is now the retro-popular downtown of Istanbul. Cultural sightseeing with museums, art galleries and antique shops; alive Istiklal Avenue, Tunel Square with varieties of dining choices as well as its elegant nightlife with pubs and bars.
    It is a popular place to stay and live like a local among its high profile inhabitants like musicians, designers, actors, architects, students, young couples etc…
    We do recommend staying in Galata over Sultanahmet, but don’t just take our word for it – check-out for comments by fellow travellers in TripAdvisor here and here.
  • “How far are the popular sites from Galata?”
    It’s in the walking distance to the city center Taksim and all means of public transport. Sultanahmet, the Old City is within 5-7 min of reach by tram. Bosphorus Cruise Pier and Karakoy boat station, metro station to use towards the modern side of Istanbul, all within walking distance.
    Check out where you are in relation to the popular sites in this map we have compiled for you here:
  • “How can I reach Casa LoBueno in Galata from the airport?”
    You can take the airport bus to Taksim and then you can take the subway (1 stop) to Sishane. When you exit the subway, look up to the sky, you’ll see the Galata Tower. We are a two-minute walk away from Galata Tower.
  •  “What are some of the best sites I should visit while in Istanbul?”
    As history enthusiasts, we have compiled a select list of sites you should visit while in Istanbul.